The Four Percent Group (4% Group) Review

In my search for making my income online I came across a neighbor of mine at a local hamburger joint. He started telling me about what he recently was doing for a living.

The Four Percent Group (4% Group) Review

He was making money by building multiple sources of income through his website. Something that triggered me as I was looking for way’s how to achieve that. I was curious and asked him for some more information. So he explained to me that he was a newbie. He was learning about affiliate marketing. He told me that he had already earned 350 dollars in the first month. After hearing his success story, I thought wow that is cool, I want to know more about this. He referred me to his website, a domain that forwarded directly to the Four Percent Group.

4 Percent Group, a scam or legit?

When I got home I quickly ate my takeaway food and jumped behind my computer. I went to his website where I watched a video of Vick Strizheus telling how to get rich very quickly by joining the The Four Percent Group (4% Group). Vick told me that by dominating the market with click funnels I would create passive income. Okay, too good to be true, right?

Knowing that, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, I kept thinking what if it works? Why not give it a try? So, after I did some digging on Google with keywords like “Four Percent Review” or “4 Percent Group a scam or legit?” I could not figure it out quickly so I signed up for The Four Percent Group to have a look for myself.

First of all when you join The Four Percent Group you will notice the nice design and solid back-end. It looks like it is trustworthy. The setup is really easy. You just have to follow the videos of Vick Strizheus step by step.

After I watched a few videos with Vick starring he started to annoy me somehow. Because the way he speaks and repeats:

  • Are you fired up yet!?
  • Follow the video’s step by step, otherwise you will fail!
  • I will tell you the secrets on how to become very rich quickly.
  • I have a huge amount of experience in earning money big time.
  • I will show you the way to earn 100K within a year!

Red flags!

My gut feeling was telling me this was not right at all. But I thought, okay let me try to figure out as much as I can within the 30 day trial period. If it was still not feeling right by then I could simply request a refund.

So, that is what I did. Against my better judgement I kept watching the annoying videos one by one. Hours later I signed up for several affiliate websites to create my first click funnel.

The costs so far:

But Vick tells his audience those costs would be peanuts if I just followed the steps, Yeah right!

After a week or two I was exhausted by watching the videos. I was starting to connect the dots. I clearly saw now how my neighbor earned his first money by using his personal Facebook network which I refused to do. The online memberships and purchases all were directly earning my neighbor commissions. But not only that, a part of that trickled up to Vick.


My personal experience up to that point and some background information about Vick, was enough reason to request a refund as quickly as possible. I discovered that Vick was a convicted con man in the past. The websites I was signing up for where all earning Vick Strizheus commissions. So yes, The Four Percent Group definitely has huge benefits for Vick but no, not for you. You will have to get your own network of people who do what you did, to make any money at all. It strongly looks like The Four Percent Group is a pyramid scheme, so please take my advice and do not get involved! 

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