5 Steps for Financial Independence

Hey there, nice of you to join. In pursuit of a happy life, many people are looking for a way to be financially independent.

5 Steps for Financial Independence

This is a topic I am really passionate about. From my own experience I can tell you that you can create your own financial situation. Read on if you want to know more of what I went through. Mind you, this is not a "get-rich-quick" script, you have to commit to making changes in your life.

Step 1 - Find out what do you can offer

Either you're currently working in a job or you have hobbies or interests which you have a lot of knowledge about. You might have an idea about a product which you could sell. Virtually anything you can think of, could be something people are willing to spend money on.

The key here is to find out how you can monetize what you're offering. Is it a skill, is it knowledge, is it a product or is it an idea? There are so many way’s in which you could market each of them. Just be creative and surprise yourself.

If you're not quite sure what you can offer, I can help you find out. By online coaching sessions I'll guide you through the process. Check my coaching page for more information about the costs and the schedule of these sessions.

Step 2 - Free up time

It's important to understand that in order to become financially independent you will have to open up for new income possibilities. To be able to do that you will probably have to invest time.

You will have to make some changes to your working arrangements. Working 40 hours a week can deplete you from time and energy. Keep in mind that friends, family and free time are also very important to keep your battery charged.

However, you need time and energy for your new endeavors. Not many people are in the luxury position to make this change overnight. You can think of small steps you can take to free up time which you can invest in your new project.

Step 3 - Start your business

A job as an empolyee provides for a steady stream of income, but this income is not flexible at all. The monthly salary is stable and if you get a raise it's most often a few percent or some more in case of a promotion. The chances that it will result in doubling or tripling your income however, are very small.

To open yourself to the other sources of income you will have to start a business. In this way you have an entity where the money can flow into. A business generally has more than one customer, so by starting one, you open up a potential of a huge amount of transactions. The nice thing of a business is you generally can make most expenses in many countries tax deductible.

Investing time in what you are offering your audience, results in building this business. Also it will give you a great sense of purpose. Now you can put your money where your mouth is.

Step 4 - Change your mindset

This is an odd step to put in an ordered list like this. This step can be done first or at any time during the process. The basic concept is that you have to change your mindset from scarcity to abundance. I realize that this sounds easier then it actually is. Let me try and explain it a little further.

The world in general is abundant, but the people living on the face of the earth have long been living in a society built around scarcity. From my own experience I can tell that changing this believe is a personal challenge but one that is very satisfying. You can even get results from unexpected sources. In any case it's life changing.

So what magic trick do you need to master, if you want to make this change for your own benefit. This is a question many people ask themselves nowadays. I also was in search for the answer myself.

The key I found is with trust and determination. You need to trust the fact that you'll have enough to eat, sleep, stay dry on a rainy day and provide for your loved ones. You also need to trust that the change of mindset is what you need. Believing in abundance is critical for you to be able to trust that more money will make it's way to you. So you need to be determined to change this within yourself. You have to rewire your brains in order to change beliefs and behavior.

The subject of abundance is so simple, yet so difficult to master. This has a lot to do with general personal development and is a very broad topic. First of all I wrote down my own experiences to share them with you. On top of that I also coach people on this subject.

Step 5 - Let go and take the leap of faith

So, you have something to offer. You found a way to invest time to develop this in your new business. You also think about this process and life in general from the abundance perspective. Now it's time to take the leap of faith.

Let go! Get rid of all your old beliefs and customs. Yes really, letting go of the past is crucial to move forward. Dragging the past along with you is a waste of energy. Trust that whatever you're going to do, will eventually bring you more happiness, freedom and wealth.

Quick Recap

These are the five steps you need to take in order to start your path towards financial independence:

  • 1. Find out what you can offer
  • 2. Free up time for this project
  • 3. Start your business
  • 4. Adapt the abundance mindset
  • 5. Let go of the past and have faith in the future

Is this all? No of course not, there's lots of things in each step which I can elaborate about endlessly. But it's a nice starting point to get yourself going.
Good luck!

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