Ways to eat less sugar

Sugar is very addictive and it is probably hidden in a lot of your daily food.

Ways to eat less sugar

If you are an easy cook and you’re used to use plug and play food with some help of a packages of processed food, then probably the amount of sugar in your everyday food is very high.

  Ever wonder why you get a dip around four o'clock in the afternoon? And why you feel light-headed, grumpy and hungry all at the same time? Probably it is because you are suffering from a sugar low because you had a sugar rush around lunchtime. It is also a fact that sugar has a huge impact on your immune system, it is pro-inflammatory and it gives you mood swings.

Sugar awareness

There are a lot of people who think that they are eating healthy but in fact they do not. This group of sugar addicts consumes sugar without knowing. They get their sugar by drinking energy drinks or other sodas, fruit juices, fruit smoothies or they eat daily cereals (or cereal bars), bread, pancakes or processed food and sauces.

Awareness of your sugar consumption is needed to be able to drastically cut back on sugar. I'm happy to tell you that reducing the amount of sugar you consume is easier than you might think. The following steps help you to a get a healthier and balanced body.

Reducing sugar in drinks

Sugar is an important flavour for our drinks and we have become very used to it. A can of soft drinks contains roughly 10 sugar cubes. So, quit drinking soda drinks! This is a good thing to start with.

When you like carbonated drinks start by drinking sparkling mineral water with a slice of lemon for the flavour. Still water is better as it is less acidic, but take it step by step. If you want to drink alcoholic drinks try to drink wine instead of beer. Of course, better is to drink no alcohol at all.

When we rebuilt our home the constructors all drank black coffee as on a construction site milk and sugar are not available at all time. They just trained themselves to drink coffee without additives and told me they got used to it very quickly. That was the moment I made the switch.

Sugar in your coffee and tea is quite a deal. Just think about it when you drink a few cups a day what this means for your sugar consumption. Getting used to drinking black coffee only takes a few weeks. But do not go hard on yourself. First just drink a latte or a cappuccino with no sugar or add a little cream to your coffee. After one week already you can cut out the milk as well.

Baby steps in reducing sugar in food

If you are one of those people that likes to eat cereals for breakfast. Buy natural yoghurt instead of sweetened yoghurt and leave the cereals behind, they are also heavy on the sugar most of the time. When you cannot stand the sour taste of the natural yoghurt add some fruit or a little bit of honey.

Sugar is a key ingredient of a lot of processed foods. Even though additives are carefully regulated by federal authorities, it is better to cook with no processed food at all. The worst thing is they tell you “0% fat” or something similar. When you read the list of ingredients you will most definitely find that they added sugar.

Also important: the food industry loves to use synonyms for sugar as well, look at the list of synonyms to be able to avoid sugar in all its appearances.

But how to know what you should buy? To change your supermarket routine, try to imagine what you would eat if you only had your own farm as your supermarket. Guess what, no packages there!

Sugar and losing weight

Quit using sugar is a huge step to start losing weight, but don’t try to do everything at once. First try to focus on getting your body healthy. After that look at some other steps to lose weight. I guarantee you that you will fail to quit using sugar if you don't eat enough.

So do not be too hard for yourself. Help yourself by minding the following points:

  • Do not expose yourself to situations where you are surrounded by lots of sweets.
  • Do not exhaust yourself, save your energy for when you really need it.
  • Reward yourself for achieving some goals. Buy yourself some new clothes or that nice new gadget you have had your eyes on.
  • If you have a weak moment just do something else that keeps your mind busy and gives you the distraction you need like gardening or riding bike.

Sugar rehab

To ban sugar from your system, you need at least a few weeks. The easiest way is to set boundaries. Say to yourself no added sugar allowed, only sugar that comes in a natural way like in fruit is allowed. You will notice the difference. After a few weeks, the granola bar will not feel good to you anymore. After your rehab, it is okay to use sugar sometimes but now you will be more aware of it.