About me

A happy life is all we want. When you're reading this I guess you are also looking for ways to improve your life. It seems to me that we live in times where society's traditional ways no longer apply.

About me

I'm convinced everybody walking the face of the earth has a goal or purpose in life. An old Chinese saying goes: “A path is made by walking on it” Zhuahgzi. From the point you're born until the point you die and all day's in between, you yourself create your life's path. Whether you go straight ahead or build in some curves, depends on your own feeling. Listening to your guts literally, but that's easier said then done.

My professional career

I went to work a full-time IT job after finalizing my education 15 years ago. Getting up in the morning, eating my breakfast and off I went. My first real job! It had it's advantages like a steady pay check. I also had some interesting projects to work on. Life seemed good.

As time went by, I started noticing that I wasn't energized by the projects I worked on. Eventually I ended up living from weekend to weekend, looking at the clock too often during a regular day at the office. I started becoming aware that I was on the wrong path, I needed a radical change. But you have to take matters into your own hand.

My Passion

I played the saxophone in a local band. After a while I even started conducting (yeah, that guy waving the stick). Talking about a gut feeling of walking on the right path: here I got one. Time flies when you're having fun.

After 10 years working in an office I decided to focus more on music. In 2011 I went back to school to become a professional conductor. A life changing decision. It wasn't easy for sure.

I had my mortgage payments amongst other things. so quitting my job was not an option. I worked part time at the office and the remainder of the time I spend studying and making music. Personally and professionally I went through some pretty rough patches, but learned a lot…

New Focus

So I'm a conductor now, and also a part-time webmaster for a local government. I have a lot of variation in my daily activities. But as much as I love to watch the x'th episode of my favorite tvshow, sleeping-in and generally being lazy, its only fun to a certain extent.

People aren’t made for doing nothing, certainly I'm not. I feel good when I contribute something and can help other people reaching their goals. I was looking what I could do with the extra time I now had. That’s when I again came across the option of putting together this website.


I had some successes and some failures in finding my goal in life. Keeping them for myself seems a little bit selfish. I like to share my experiences with you so you can also design your own future. Is my trail done? Not by far. By creating this website I opened up a whole new stream of possibilities. Let's see what life has to offer.

I hope you'll find my experiences helpful and interesting. If so, please leave a comment! Also feel free to contact me directly.

Live a Happy Life!

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